A dining experience that is a real pleasure for the palate in the heart of Gràcia

Only in a neighborhood like Gràcia we could find a restaurant with so simple and meaningful name gracefully. And yes, funny thing because we went to try this place by recommendation, and who does not want the thing, give it a try. Certainly, these are the times that I like because you're blind to try something you do not know what this is, or what you are going to offer, nothing. But suddenly, it happens and you look at a more than wonderful situation. An authentic dining experience that is worth (much) get carried away.

At Con Gracia they offer two tasting menus, one letter and one surprise. With what I like surprises, it was clear what would be my best option. And as I said, blindly we move into this adventure to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with products of proximity in one of the most modern and cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Barcelona.

In the room, a great girl surprises us with a dish-shaped stone that includes what appear to be just that, stones. But there are some brave camouflaged that with picantísima salsa and dosage of all-i-oli, leave us with a look of astonishment. They are delicious and yes, we have been surprised. We continue. A little edamame with sesame to cleanse the palate.

A succulent steak tartar; tuna salad with berries; a wild golden prawn with sweet rice Arenys; cannelloni chicken, beef and pork with foie gras and mashed beet; and the Iberian pen with chimichurri and apple jam and cucumber ending adventure. Each dish better than the last and our face is still a surprise. Of enjoying as ever to all the dishes. Believe me when I say that you would not put a "but" none. And I do not mean to say, I do not get commission.

As always happens in the best desserts. And we planted here because we introduced the warning: "We pre-dessert, dessert and post-dessert". Is there anything better than taking three desserts? Sure not!

The first of these, the pre-dessert, is divided into two: on the one hand, a spoon with a piece of fine Sichuan is pure electricity for lips (yes, electricity), and then a candied strawberries with yogurt Greek exploding thanks to the contrast of the previous flower. And now comes the dessert: a world of chocolate. It is a delicate dish that unites different textures Cocoa where we can find her creamy version esferificada in crumble, jelly, foam, and ice cream. Simply delicious. Finally, the post-dessert, a biscuit, a chocolate chocolate and ginger and candied apple given.

Definitely a good finale to end this unparalleled culinary experience. When you do not know what you're going, you may be lucky enough to surprise the diner. However, that is not something that usually happens. In this case, it happened and we look forward to returning, wanting to enjoy dishes gracefully.

That is something that is due to two reasons: primarily, the good work of your kitchen, as you read, we loved; and also what we feel comfortable that both the treatment and the care of the service. An immaculate, charming, romantic and yet simple place which offer a very pampered, very elaborate, leaving nothing to chance culinary adventure.

Text: Virginia Antoní - read the original article